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Out of Character Information

player name: taryn
player journal: [personal profile] buries
playing here: no.
where did you find us? people I know being in game, plus this game has been pimped to me in such a way that I think the end of the world is coming if I don't join.
are you 16 years of age or older?: 20.

In Character Information

character name: Cordelia Chase
fandom: Buffyverse - Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series
timeline: 3x06: Billy.
character's age: 20 if my math is correct.

powers, skills, pets and equipment:
( ✭ ) POWERS

Visions: Gifted from Doyle, these visions are generally ambiguous. They consist of images, sights, smells, tastes, you name it. Cordelia is able to tap into a vision and pretty much rewind it. It's not one of those one-time deals where you have to pay attention and have an excellent memory. At first, they were painful, but once Cordelia became a half-demon, these visions were painless. It was as though she could be alert, rather than thrown across the room, after she sliced away a part of her humanity.

( ✭ ) SKILLS

Muscle memory: As a cheerleader, Cordelia only needed to be shown a skill once before being able to copy it successfully. This is pretty useful with combat.

Sword-fighting: With her muscle memory, Cordelia became quite adept in sword-fighting. She's not the best, but she can hold her own.

( ✭ ) PETS

Dennis the Ghost: If it is at all possible, Dennis is Cordelia’s ghostly roommate. He’s her best friend. He knows all her secrets her friends at Angel Investigations aren’t privvy to. He’s a ghost that has been trapped in the apartment she moved into and was freed of his need for revenge and from his mother thanks to Cordelia and the gang.


Sword: Cordelia’s in possession of a sword at the time of her arrival in Anatole. (As she is coming in post-episode, it ends with Angel and Cordelia practicing swordfighting in the Hyperion Hotel basement.)

canon history: Cordelia Chase @ Buffy Wiki.

If anything, Cordelia is honest throughout her appearances in Sunnydale and L.A. She’s blunt, doesn’t believe in tact, and says what she thinks. She softens over the years, but Cordelia is unique for her honesty. It’s the one definable trait that sets her apart from the rest. Her honesty comes with her wit and sharp tongue.

Cordelia is introduced as a stock character: popular, beautiful, vain and incredibly materialistic. Her involvement with the Scooby Gang—Buffy Summers, the Slayer, along with Rupert Giles, Xander Harris and Willow Rosenburg—challenged Cordelia as a person to grow. She began to shed her vanity after being constantly thrown into supernatural situations—where she played the damsel in distress—and having to rely on her new group of (loosely called) ‘friends’.

Her dating Xander was something she was ashamed of. She believed in social status, and as Xander was unpopular, she wasn’t too keen to shed light on their romantic relationship. Despite their efforts to keep their relationship a secret—as the two never quite liked each other prior to becoming romantic—Cordelia’s friends, ‘The Cordettes’, found out and ridiculed Cordelia. Out of shame, Cordelia broke up with Xander, only to go against her friends and beliefs to rekindle their relationship after he showed how much he cared for her. Cordelia even came to believe she may have been in love with Xander. However, she felt incredibly betrayed when she saw him kissing Willow, and broke up with him. She didn’t give him any other chances. She did accept the prom dress he bought her. This can be seen as the start of their relationship being rebuilt.

She loves fashion. She’s a rich girl from Sunnydale who is used to “having all the dresses”. She knows her shoes, her designers, and her clothes. She values them above anything else at times. When she’s angry at Angel, he makes amends with her by buying her clothes.

Cordelia is empathetic when the situation calls for it. She comes off hard and uncaring, but there’s a particular moment when Buffy returned to Sunnydale after a summer of silence and Xander and Willow were verbally attacking Buffy for her decision. Cordelia stuck up for her, despite disliking her, and tried to calm the situation by stating Buffy’s point of view.

After her break-up with Xander, Cordelia had no place in the Scooby Gang, or Sunnydale. Calling Xander the “Zeppo”, as she viewed him as useless, was more true of her situation than his. Cordelia had outgrown the Cordettes, no longer being a cardboard cutout of a vain, selfish girl, and she no longer had a position in the Scooby Gang as she was only seen as “Xander’s Girlfriend”. It can be said that she didn’t try to make any permanent ties with the gang, resulting in her not being able to reintegrate herself into the group post-break up. She still fought alongside them, but she had no place.

Moving to L.A. saw Cordelia attempting to pursue an acting career. She met up with Angel and Francis Doyle, where the three of them began Angel Investigations. Cordelia had found her purpose. She became the secretary for the organisation and pushed for it to grow into a business with her desire to make money. Cordelia is quite the businesswoman when she’s given the chance, going as far as creating business cards for distribution among potential clients.

Doyle was a half-demon. He feared that Cordelia would reject him as she showed disgust towards demons. However, as Cordelia was oblivious to his demon heritage until the final hours before his death, she accepted him as he was her friend first, demon second. Him being a demon was rated higher on the acceptable scale, coming before “ugly” and “poor”. This showed Cordelia’s attempt at being accepting, while still showing her vanity. This was the start of Cordelia creating permanent ties with the people she became friends with in L.A. She came to L.A. as a girl with “no family” and ‘left’ L.A. with one.

Doyle’s death tore Cordelia up. She had lost a friend. However, she had gained a future. He left her with a parting kiss, which transferred his visions to her. This gave Cordelia more of a purpose—however, she didn’t see it this way in the beginning. The visions were seen as a burden until she was forced into a mystical coma and had to endure vision upon vision until Angel broke the curse. She had a change of heart after she had felt and witnessed all the pain in the world, and became more determined to “help the helpless”.

The visions came at a cost. They were extremely painful, going as far as throwing her across a room. It isn’t until two years later that Cordelia is told they are killing her. She keeps the pain and the powerful migraine medication to herself as she fears that she would have no place among the team at Angel Investigations if the visions were taken away from her. So, she keeps to herself and puts on a brave face. Despite being a terrible actress when she’s on the job, she’s an incredible one when it comes to fooling her friends.

She became a princess in an alternate dimension, going as far as bringing free will and democracy into the law. A prophecy stated that she would pass her visions onto The Groosalugg. When Cordelia found this out, she said she didn’t want to pass them on as Angel and the team needed her. She was their guide to helping the helpless. Instead of giving into her desire—as she was attracted to “Groo”—she chose the fight and how she viewed herself as useful over a potential love.

Cordelia is given a choice to continue living her life and die, or live in an alternate reality that would’ve been if she hadn’t met Angel in L.A. After seeing Angel go insane with the visions, Cordelia chose to continue living her current life, despite becoming a successful actress, as she didn’t like seeing her friends in pain. She chose to become a demon, as she would avoid death and be able to handle the visions free of pain.

As a result of becoming a demon, more chips fell into place. Cordelia was offered the position of a Higher Being because she was a true “warrior”. Instead of choosing her own happiness—meeting Angel and telling him she loved him—she chose to continue fighting the war against the forces of evil and accepted the position. She places the fight for good above her personal life. She ascended. (This means she left Earth, and thus her friends, and would watch over them from wherever the Higher Beings were situated.)

This is the last time Cordelia is seen until she appears, waking up from her coma. She provides closure to her friends and family during this moment before she dies. Prior to being placed in yet another coma, she chooses to fall from being a Higher Being and come back as she missed her friends and felt incredibly bored simply watching everyone. During her descent, she was piggybacked by an evil Power That Be. She becomes possessed by it and is a backseat driver during her fourth year in L.A. As for her death, Cordelia left an incredibly large imprint on her friends. She used what little life energy she had left to say goodbye and make amends for the wrongdoings that the higher being had done while in her body. She did what she did best; knocked sense back into Angel’s thick skull.

why do you feel this character would be appropriate to the setting?
Cordelia’s life is pretty much being thrown into the deep end and learning how to swim against the tide. She’s been thrown into another dimension where she’s been named ruler and has had to really take a close look at her position in Angel’s destiny and her own. Her best friend is a vampire. She’s got a green demon friend who can sing better than the Angels. She grew up on a Hellmouth that she was oblivious to and learnt to accept and combat the forces of evil, despite disliking the entire lifestyle. Cordelia’s normal is what Anatole’s atmosphere is.

Writing Samples

Network Post Sample:
network sample from luceti (canon point: 3x06)

You guys have quite a lot of things. [ cordelia raises her hand and starts to tick off a list with her fingers. ] Creepy hell dimension that has serious weather control issues, check. Creepy hell dimension that is up with the times rather than living like plebians, check. Creepy hell dimension minus creepy red-skinned minions, sadly check. But I have one question for you, Anatole.

[ there’s a dramatic pause. cordelia’s shit at acting when she really tries to act, but when the situation calls for it, she gives angelina jolie a run for her money. her face is blank before she scrunches it up, waving her hand in the air. ]

When are you dumbasses going to name me your ruler? I’m the Cursed One. Hello.

Third Person Sample:
Cordelia’s never been to a carnival before, but she sure does feel like a freak show on most days. That counts as attending one on a regular basis, right?

She’s walking around. It’s weird, having time to walk around, when usually it’s spent either cleaning the floors, dusting, wondering how she’s going to get the demonic goo out of the shirt she needs to return to the store the next day, and saving damsels from really ugly demons that not even hell wants back. Exploring Anatole is one of the things she wants to do. It’s smart, right? It’s what Wesley would do. He’s smart, he’d find the details, he’d find the loopholes, and maybe look them up in the library here, but she thinks she’ll skip that step and come to her own conclusions. The place looks like a run-down version of what she assumes one at home would look like; unkempt, rusty, sort of like the Hyperion before they revived it. She wonders if it needs that little something, that part of its heart to be restored before life can be brought back into it.

She doubts it. The entire place would be beautiful by now if that was true. She’s a fan of the old Victorian look, but if she’s not sitting in a throne or bossing red-skinned demons around, she’d rather be back home bossing Angel around while she lets him pretend he’s the boss of her. She’s walking around because she’s itching to move, to run for her life, to follow Angel, to not exactly chase her dreams but run after that purpose she’s now found with her life since she’s joined Angel on his mission. Standing still isn’t what she’s made for; she needs to be moving, to feel the adrenaline, and moving around the Carnival is what she feels might give her a slice of home, even if it’s incredibly out there and not exactly true to the original.

The fortune teller tent is one she sometimes thinks she’d fit right well in. Maybe have a carpeted floor, really nice seats, plush pillows, so when she collapses in a fit from a vision, at least she won’t be bruised when her mind returns to her control. It’s uncomfortable, thinking that she’s a freak, when she wasted all her energy back in Sunnydale High pointing out said freaks.

“I think I’ll pass on the fortune telling,” she says, eyebrow arched and her lip matching it. She might as well be sucking a lemon. While having everyone else’s pasts and futures trapped in her mind like a permanent tape, she’s not too sure she’s happy to hear about her own future. Her destiny is one that’s going to end before she turns thirty. She hasn’t seen it and she doesn’t know the exact date, but with the way things are deteriorating - and quickly - for her, she knows there’s only a small window of time before she really gets to experience Dennis’ life as an unseen entity with a heart that’s not as invisible as his hands.

Cordelia knows why she came to the carnival. It’s the one part of Anatole that resembles the nature of her life; chaotic, sometimes run-down, but still standing despite the rust and the many hits it may take in reputation. As she continues to walk, she seems to drift further and further away from lingering by any stalls or buildings. She passes the mirrors and the illusions games, and most definitely the people dressed in shoes way too large and pants that don’t compliment the colour of their hair. “And the clowns.”

Anything else?
I plan on putting up a permissions post with regards to Cordelia’s visions, if they’re accepted as her power in the game.

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